About Annabel Leigh

Annabel Leigh; my name hints at both love and death, Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee and Nabokov's Lo-Lee-ta.    Most importantly, I want the jewelry to feel like armor or amulets that preserve memories, give protection or perhaps bring luck and love if you believe it enough.

I’m fascinated by the customs and rituals surrounding jewelry throughout time and cultures.  Each hand-crafted piece created is inspired by something I felt or needed.  I want the wearers of my jewelry to create their own understanding of the pieces through wearing and living with them, mixing, layering and combining them, changing with them and with each new day.


Jewelry isn’t necessary.  But it is important and ubiquitous. It’s an adornment, an extra, a choice that expresses your essential self, like a tattoo. And like a tattoo, a good piece of jewelry stays with you throughout all your changes.  It represents how you feel about yourself and your world.  Who can think of Keith Richards without his silver skull ring? Hendrix without his layers of lovebeads and gemstones? Stevie Nicks without her moon and stars necklaces? Or you without your...?